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Addtiction or Self Meditation

 Recovery through the application of positive supportive psychotherapy, psycho-education and balanced nutrition to ensure harmony in the mind and body.
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Dr. Nikakhtar (Dr. Nik)
SAT Program Founder

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The SAT program is a breakthrough in the treatment of substance use, chemical dependency, and addiction.

Unlike traditional programs that incorporate the AA twelve-step process, SAT offers a comprehensive psycho-biological and psycho-dynamic approach to the treatment of substance use disorders.

SAT is the first program to address the problem of substance use by basing its treatment on advanced clinical psychiatry, neurological sciences, bio-chemical research, nutrition, and on the principles of structured comprehensive psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, psycho-education, and psycho-biological intervention.

SAT is premised on the fact that people use psycho-active substances to self-medicate. When individuals feel physical or psychological pain, they reach for substances that will make them feel better.

Dr. Nikakhtar's SAT model does not view the person who uses psychoactive substances as having "character defects" or "moral shortcomings," nor does the model view the person as an "addict" or "criminal."

Moreover, SAT does NOT view their recovery as a spiritual journey. Rather, SAT views such persons as individuals with a disorder, in very much the same way as society and the medical community would consider people with diabetes, asthma, or hypertension as individuals with medical illnesses.

Dr. Nikakhtar believes that the treatment of substance use or dependency must be scientifically appropriate and medically comprehensive. For persons with psycho-active substance use disorders, this means that the treatment method must involve the following:

An integrated process of:

  • Easing withdrawal symptoms
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Improving the individual's overall physical and psychological health
  • Preventing relapse
  • Eliminating the craving and desire to use alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Treating any underlying psychological conflicts (which result in drug use)
  • Developing a healthy independence from drugs
  • Preventing long-term dependency on any program and/or sponsor
Treatment should and must be under the care of a physician/psychiatrist with the help of well-trained and well-educated professionals. Only the SAT program offers such a comprehensive treatment model.


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