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               CITIZENS OF THE WORLD

  A Non Profit Organization
  1918393        501(c)3

   Founder & CEO
   Manijeh K. Nikakhtar, M.D., M.P.H

  Human beings are like parts of a body, created

  from the same essence. when one part is hurt and

  in pain, others can not remain in peace and quiet.

  If the misery of others  leave  you indifferent and with no feeling of sorrow, then you

  can not be  called a human being.

                            Saadi, Iranian Poet, 12th century A.D.

An organization for promoting Humanitarianism throughout

the world, without any borders.

 A- To restrict and/or to stop any laws, ideas and actions which are harmful to   the human mind and body and to the environment and society.

B- To unveil woman physically and mentally from oppression, which is a tool to suppress society.

C- To facilitate women's educational and occupational opportunities and women's rights regardless of any restriction due to religion, culture or governmental laws.

D- To support families to raise healthy children free from drugs, violence, crime, poverty and abuse.


These can be achieved thought the following programs:

1-Global drug treatment programs toward a drug free society.
(DBA as: Taskforce Allied for Sobriety).

2-Violence and suicide prevention.

3-Unity against nuclear war, chemical and biological weapons and land mines.

4-Unity against hunger.

5-Unity against rape, child abuse and spouse abuse

6-Unity against any discrimination in regard to race, religion, beliefs, gender and sexual orientation.

7-Occupational and vocational training for women in underprivileged societies.

8-Women's movements for equal opportunities in education, occupations, dress and family law.

9-International sisterhood adoption. (A totally new program)

10-Promoting environmental health and protecting natural resources.

11-Arranging internationally educational seminars, publications and workshops to promote status of women for better future for children and society.

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