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Recovery through the application of positive supportive psychotherapy, psycho-education and balanced nutrition to ensure harmony in the mind and body.
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SAT Program
  • The healthy body and healthy mind are interdependent and one is essential to the optimum functioning of the other.  The application of positive psycho-educational practices and the maintenance of balanced nutrition are necessary to keep this harmony.
  • The majority of people who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs can be detoxified and be treated for withdrawal symptoms without hospitalization.

  • Hospitalization may be indicated for certain cases of alcohol and narcotic dependency to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms, such as delirium tremens and seizures.

  • Detoxification can be accomplished at a residential treatment center and under the supervision of a qualified physician.

  • The SAT program offers uniquely formulated nutritional supplements—vitamins, minerals and amino acids—to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

  • SAT's nutritional supplements not only help the patient recover from withdrawal symptoms, but they also help us rejuvenate and regenerate the organs damaged by harmful drugs.

  • Rapid detoxification in the hospital can be arranged per the patient's request.



Alcohol and Drug Treatment Requires the following

Detoxification                      Immediate alleviation and the removal of all toxic

  drugs and other toxins induced by drug use.


Regeneration                      Repair of body organs damaged by alcohol and drug



 Psycho-education                To alter self-destructive attitudes into self-preserving



Rehabilitation                       An opening of new paths for treatment participants

                                        in achieving and sustaining positive, life long changes.


   The success of the four above-referenced categories requires a well-balanced   nutrition, which provides the necessary nutriments to repair cell damage caused   by alcohol and drugs. Organs such as the brain, liver heart, kidney, and pancreas can be revitalized by the proper nutritional supplements.  Likewise, the proper balance of mental health and the reduction of such psycho-biological disorders as anxiety and depression, the main causes of drug use, require certain nutrients that function as mood stabilizers.

               This program is a comprehensive psychological and biological approach towards the successful recovery from alcohol and drugs, an enhancement of physical and mental health by providing a complete nutritional balance, not only to repair the damages inflicted upon the body and brain by harmful substances and a toxic environment, but also to maintain the functions  of a healthy body.

·        The well balanced complete detoxification combined with the nutritional supplements will help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, progression of HIV infection, and many other illnesses of the immune system and  ill nutrition.

·        Psycho-educational psychotherapy and maintenance supportive therapy will help the participant to enjoy a healthy life and be motivated to have a successful and productive life.

·        Many components of the products were proved to have a positive and          direct effect on harmful substances' mood disorders and anxiety.




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