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Addtiction or Self Meditation
Recovery through the application of positive supportive psychotherapy, psycho-education and balanced nutrition to ensure harmony in the mind and body.
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Addtiction or Self Meditation Addiction or Self Medication      E-Book

This book presents a contemporary breakthrough view of substance addiction and recovery and outlines the components of a comprehensive, scientific, state-of-the art approach for the treatment of chemical dependency and addiction. It discusses psychosocial, psychobiological, and other aspects of addiction. The authors explore the dynamics of the development of Alcoholics Anonymous and the limitations of its 12-step fellowship approach to recovery. Topics include: drugs as self-medication, the reward pathways of the brain, the psychology and physiology of craving, the psychodynamics of addiction and recovery, cultural attitudes towards drugs and alcohol, the need for legal and criminal justice reform, and the role of defense mechanisms in addiction and recovery.

Book Review:

A statement from the Honorable Leroy Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles county.

This book discusses the nature of chemical dependency and offers a new scientific path to recovery. It explains in language everyone can understand how addiction is a psychiatric disorder and how drug use is for millions a way of self-medicating.

Dr. Paul Kurtz, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, State University of New York

I congratulate the authors for providing a new vision for the treatment of millions of Americans suffering from drug addiction. Addiction is a medical issue that needs medical psychiatric intervention. I am confidence that SAT will be the future model for the treatment of chemical dependency.

Jim Christopher, Founder and Executive Director, Secular Organization for Sobriety

This is a groundbreaking book that could save millions of lives. In the field of addiction and chemical dependency it is a breath of fresh air that is long overdue. It breaks the mold of traditional recovery programs and establishes a practical, scientific medical-psychiatric approach to treatment. The Substance Abstinence Treatment Program (SAT) is the only multidisciplinary, comprehensive and scientific treatment program I ever seen.

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