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Readers Review:

Science before Superstition,


Reviewer: Alec Henderson from Los Angeles, CA USA

The empire of Alcoholic's Anonymous and its enfeebled crew of inbred 12 step groups have occupied the field of "substance abuse recovery" to the point of becoming a dictatorship. This volume appropriately calls this bully to task for its monolithic and monotheistic occupation of the medical field and calls for research that goes beyond that which currently panders to the 12 step oligarchy. Thanks to pioneers like Dr. Nikakhtar and Dr. Stanton Peale this archaic AA orthodoxy which has so slowed medical advance and kept addiction science in the dark ages may soon deservedly lose its exalted status and be sent packing to join like minded control cults in the relative obscurity now enjoyed by the flat-earth society.

Intelligent, accessible, insightful,  


Reviewer: Howard Pratt from Detroit, MI

Perhaps this book is not suitable to those who dismiss medicine as a science, but for readers in search of scientific facts, this book is indeed insightful as it adds valuable knowledge to the field of substance treatment. I commend the authors of this book for stating a fact that had been unexposed for too long. After watching Dr. Nikakhtar on CNN, I ordered this book and found it useful and intelligent. The authors of this book look far into the biological and psycho-social factors of addiction and diligently report what the scientific community has held to be true for a long time--that substance abuse is not the fault of the addict but the result of biological and psycho-social conditions that can be addressed and treated. The authors have painstakingly outlined the source of addiction and have finally de-stigmatized addiction, explaining that it is a medical condition that can be treated and CURED!!!
I've recommended this book to my colleagues in the field of health care and they have found it equally helpful in their treatment of addiction.



Reviewer: Professor of Medicine from Boston, MA

The authors have dissected the anatomy of addiction and have exposed the causes of substance abuse. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to understand drug addiction and recovery. Finally, the authors cleverly illustrate how recovery is achieved and successfully maintained. The book is quite an accomplishment in the field of health and science.

Concise, precise, and of tremendous value to the community,


Reviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, CA United States

This book, written in layman's terms, is a fast read while loaded with invaluable information. It is the most innovative approach to substance abuse recovery. The authors dispel the notion that substance abuse is a character flaw, from which one will never recover. They set about empowering the medical community to take action in helping those who are self-medicating via substance abuse. It inspires those who are self-medicating via substance abuse to feel empowered to resolve the underlying issues that have caused the substance abuse in the first place. This is a book that eliminates the victim mentality of typical 12-step programs and encourages self-empowerment. It is a must read for anyone in the medical field, as well as for anyone who has or is self medicating via substance abuse, or has someone in their lives who is self-medicating via substance abuse.

A terrific book!,  


Reviewer: C. Baumbach from Santa Barbara, CA

Explains the biochemical basis of addiction in very clear and understandable language.Great summary of drugs and how they affect us. I particularly liked the section on Bill Wilson and the beginnings of AA.

An alternative to addition,  


Reviewer: S. Bell from New York, NY

I would like to congratulate the authors of this book. It is a revolutionary work on the problem of addiction. It both powerfully written and well-researched, yet doesn't talk over the heads of the general public. Given the absolute failure of AA-based models to understand, nevertheless solve the problems of chemical dependency, this book returns hope of an alternative to addiction.



Reviewer: N.N.B. from Seattle, WA USA

This book is terrific... It is the first attempt at dispelling the myth about drug abuse, and the attempt falls no less than superb. The book dissects the physiology and psychology of drug use, but it does so in layman terms. It also exposes the truth about what causes drug use--what the doctors and the media don't tell us. It is easy to read and gives you the complete story. In other words, it de-mystifies substance addiction. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

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