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Recovery through the application of positive supportive psychotherapy, psycho-education and balanced nutrition to ensure harmony in the mind and body.
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Why SAT?


Life is a journey of challenges and roadblocks.  Making that

 journey a pleasant, healthy one must start with the traveler

 and the choices of the path he/she takes, the decisions

 made along the way and manners in which we interact with

 others and their journey. Living in a world with other people

 is not easy and living isolated is hardly a best option. 

This program is designed to help to live a balanced life,

 which include the balanced nutritional intake,

 understanding one’s own -self and others, and giving clients the tools to meet the new

 life’s challenging.


Chemical dependency has created a toxic mix in person body’s chemistry,

 which has created in unusual desires that need to be eliminated in order to live a healthy

 lifestyle. Feeling good, looking good and thinking smart in order to make each day better and

 better is what we want to bring for our clients.

This is a 12-week intensive residential program with a 3-year maintenance relapse prevention

 follow-up.  During that time our clients can use the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and

 natural herb supplements that specially formulated by Dr. Nik, to regenerate the damaged

 organs, balances the body chemistry and give the energy and vitality to live a positive life style.

 We are here for our clients when they need us, but our goal is not to have them dependent

on us.

Our goal is to give them the tools to insure the good feeling, the knowledge and the tools of

 being free from all toxic chemicals in their body and bring them the acknowledge  of  emotional

 intelligence and how to use it in a way to maintain a healthy, mind and body balance. We look

 forward to the journey of working with our clients, the next following   3 years weekly follow-up

 makes this journey enjoyable for all.


Due to confidentiality for our clients, the exact location will not be disclosed to public


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