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Addtiction or Self Meditation
 Recovery through the application of positive supportive psychotherapy, psycho-education and balanced nutrition to ensure harmony in the mind and body.
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 SAT Health Center:

Dr. Nikakhtar (Dr. Nik)

SAT Program Founder

The SAT Health Center treats individuals with any type of drug addiction and/or alcoholism through a unique treatment approach.

How to get rid of your addiction:

We can help you achieve full recovery. Our teams of experts are well-known professionals who have been highly trained in prestigious universities around the world.

Our unique Substance Abstinence Treatment (SAT) program offers a treatment approach different from other treatment programs.

What are the benefits and goals of the SAT program?

  • Eliminate the use of all alcohol and psychoactive substances (i.e., total abstinence).

  • Detoxify the body.

  • Minimize withdrawal symptoms.

  • Treat chemical dependency and/or addiction.

  • Alleviate all physical symptoms and illnesses resulting from substance use.

  • Restore the mind and body to its optimal functioning condition.
  • Address and resolve all destructive behavior and attitudes, such as suicidal ideation, aggression, or illegal conduct.

  • Provide an effective, affordable, and cost-effective treatment for chemical dependency and addiction.
  • Educate the public by emphasizing that drug use is a form of self-medication, not a character defect, and that there are biological, genetic, psycho-social, and environmental factors that lead to it.

  • Conduct scientific research, training and consultation in the field of chemical dependency and addiction.

SAT Health Center Self medication rehab center Substance Abstinence Treatment by Dr Manijeh Nikakhtar
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